Top 100 Baby Boys Names that start with A

Top 100 Baby Boys Names that start with A in America

The top 100 baby boy names in America starting with the letter A are a diverse and fascinating mix of names with meanings that are both traditional and modern. Some of the most popular names, such as Alexander, Aiden, and Andrew, have been favorites for decades and have strong, classic meanings. Other names like Adriel, Adonis, and Asher have more unique origins and meanings, giving parents a wide range of choices to pick from when naming their child.

One interesting trend among the top 100 names is the prevalence of names that begin with the letter A. It’s not just the top names like Alexander or Aiden that are popular, but many other A names have also made the list, such as Austin, Anthony, and Aaron. This suggests that there is something appealing to parents about the sound or symbolism of this letter, which has led to a large variety of A names being chosen for boys in America. Ultimately, the top 100 baby boy names in America starting with A reflect the values and preferences of parents today, with a mix of traditional, trendy, and unique names that all have their own special meanings and histories.

List of Top 100 Baby Boys Names in America Starts with A

S.NO. Name Meaning
1Alexander“defender of the people”
2Aiden“fiery one”
4Anthony“priceless one”
5Aaron“mountain of strength”
6Adam“son of the red earth”
7Adrian“man of Adria”
8Austin“great one, venerable”
9Aidan“fiery one”
10Alan“rock, handsome”
11Alex“defender of the people”
12Ashton“ash tree town”
13Abel“breath, vapor”
14Axel“father of peace”
15Amir“prince, commander”
16Arthur“bear, noble”
17Abraham“father of many”
18August“great, magnificent”
19Atticus“man of Attica”
20Avery“ruler of the elves”
21Anthony“priceless one”
22Ayden“fiery one”
23Ace“one, unity”
24Angelo“angel, messenger”
25Aaron“mountain of strength”
26Atlas“bearer, enduring”
27Adriel“flock of God”
28Aden“fiery one”
29Asher“happy, blessed”
30Arlo“fortified hill”
31Abelardo“noble and strong”
32Alvin“friend of elves”
33Ahmad“most commendable”
34Arturo“bear, noble”
35Amari“strength, builder”
36Augustus“great, magnificent”
37Armando“man of the army”
38Alonso“noble and ready”
39Allan“rock, handsome”
40Arden“eagle valley”
41Alessandro“defender of the people”
42Amos“burden, carried”
43Adan“fiery one”
44Avi“my father”
45Aditya“sun, light”
46Ayaan“gift of God”
47Abelardo“noble and strong”
48Ayman“blessed, lucky”
49Ashwin“light, horse tamer”
50Adonis“lord, ruler”
51Anson“son of Ann”
52Abner“father of light”
54Alden“old friend”
55Adrien“man of Adria”
56Abdiel “servant of God”
57Amadeus“lover of God”
58Alaric“ruler of all”
59Atlas“bearer, enduring”
60Alonzo“noble and ready”
61Avraham“father of many”
62Alister“defender, protector”
63Ashraf“most honorable”
64Alston“noble stone”
65Arjun“bright, shining”
66Aldo“old, wise one”
67Apollo“manly beauty”
68Ansel“follower of a nobleman”
69Aubrey“elf ruler”
70Axelrod“red-haired man”
71Axl“father of peace”
72Adair“oak tree ford”
73Anakin“warrior, hero”
76Apollo“manly beauty”
78Anwar“luminous, radiant”
79Alistair“defender of the people”
81Abdallah“servant of God”
82Alaric“ruler of all”
83Adriel“flock of God”
84Anton“priceless one”
86Alder“alder tree”
87Arrow“projectile, missile”
88Ahmet“praised, commendable”
89Anselm“divine protection”
91Arwin“fast, swift”
92Azrael“helper of God”
93Arlen“pledge, promise”
94Amory“brave, powerful”
96Ashford“ford by the ash trees”
99Aeneas“praised, praiseworthy”
100Adan“fiery one”
Top 100 Baby Boys Names that start with A in America

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