Elon Musk's Effort to Increase Twitter's Revenue

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According to a recent statement from Twitter Dev, access to both v2 and v1.1 Twitter APIs will no longer be free as of February 9th.

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A paid basic tier will be available instead.

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The Twitter thread stated that over the years, countless individuals have posted more than a trillion tweets, reaching hundreds of millions of people.

The company asserts that Twitter data sets are among the most influential in the world.

More information will be updated soon by the Twitter

Since Elon Musk acquired Twitter, the company has implemented various measures, 

including layoffs for thousands of employees and the implementation of fees for verified accounts (blue ticks).

Twitter has taken several steps to revive its brand on the platform.

Introducing New features, Moderation, Collaboration with advertisers, Expansion of e-commerce, investment in live-streaming, Development of AI are the major one.

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