Facts about 'Queen The Greatest Live"

1. "Queen The Greatest Live" is a YouTube series featuring live performances from the iconic rock band, Queen.

2. The series features performances from various concerts throughout Queen's career, including footage from the band's legendary Live Aid performance in 1985.

3. The series was launched in celebration of the band's 50th anniversary.

4. The series includes concerts from all members of the band, including Freddie Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon, and Roger Taylor.

5.The series includes performances of some of Queen's most famous songs, such as "Bohemian Rhapsody," "We Will Rock You," and "We Are the Champions."

6. The series also includes behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with band members.

7. The series was launched on the official Queen YouTube channel, which has over 8 million subscribers.

8. The series is available to watch for free on YouTube.

9. The series is a great way for fans to relive some of Queen's most iconic performances .

10. The band will also release a live album with the same title as the series from the concerts featured in the series.